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August 2016,
Diving Into a Dramatically Different Washington

July 2016, video
Small Biz Sizing Up Amazon Prime

July 2016,
Small Retailers Gear Up For Amazon Prime Day Action

April 2016,
DrinkSpace Announces New Partnership With Rainier Wine

June 2015,
How Creative Beer & Wine Labels Influence Our Purchasing Decisions

February 2015, Seattle Times
Rainier Wine Co. grows label by label

December 2014, Great Northwest Wine review
Portlandia Vintners 2012 Pinot Noir = Outstanding

December 2013, Great Northwest Wine reviews
Portlandia Vintners 2011 Pinot Noir, Oregon = Excellent
Portlandia Vintners 2012 Pinot Gris, Oregon = Outstanding

July 2013, Seattle Time
Riesling: The grape that got Washington going is back, better than ever

May 2013, Mercury News
Five Wines For Mother’s Day

May 2013,
Diversion NV Riesling, Washington, $15

May 2013,
Seattle’s Rainier Wine produces high quality at low prices

May 2013, The Tasting Panel
88 Points, Copper River Estate, NV Diversion Merlot

May 2013,
Diversion NV Majestic Red, Washington, $15

April 2013,
Diversion NV Chardonnay, Washington, $15

May 3, 2012, Rainier Wine Press Release
Copper River Estate and Wahluke Wine Company Team Up To Serve Washington Wines Onboard Alaska Airlines

January 2012,
How Wine Brands Chase Women With Wit, Crowdsourcing, Facebook

January 2012,
Eccentric Wines From Unique Wineries

November 2011,
Liquid Assets: Wine Labels Are Front And Center

September 2010, Brix Magazine
Mad Housewife featured in Brix Magazine: Where people, wine and travel mix (jpg)

June 2010, Orange County Wine Shopping Examiner
Mad Housewife Cellars vs. Calgon of yester-year – ‘take me away’

November 2009, Ladies Home Journal
Message on a Bottle: Holiday Hostess Gifts (jpg)

March 2008,
His and Hers Palate

March 2007,
Grape Gals

April 2006, Arkansas Democrat Gazette
What’s In A Dame: Give Me One Glass Of Studly (PDF)

April 2006, Orlando Sentinel
‘That’s It?’ Inspires a Revolution (PDF)

March 2006, Chicago Tribune
Face-off: Wine for Men vs. Wine for Women (PDF)

February 2006, Houston Chronicle
Listening To The ‘Silent Majority’ (PDF)

January 2006, Financial Times
California Wine Needs To Be More like Rosé The Riveter (PDF)

December 2005, North Shore News
Girls Get a Break with Island Spa Package (PDF)

December 2005, The Gainesville Sun
Gainesville Caterer Ends Up Face To Face with Mad Housewife (PDF)

November 2005, Northwest Source
Holiday Gift Guide (PDF)

November 2005, King 5 News
Finally, Wine for Women (PDF)

November 2005,
With Wine, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and a Deep Emotional Connection (PDF)

August 2005,
From Cosmetics To Chardonnay (PDF)

April 2005, The New York Times
Luring Women With the Chick Lit of Wine (PDF)

March 2005,
Rainier Targets Women With Two New Wines (PDF)

March 2005, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Wine Entrepreneurs Harvest Success Around Art Of Deal (PDF)

January 2005,
Rainier Wine Erupts onto the Wine Scene (PDF) 

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“Wine’s duty is to give you pleasure.”
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Latest Awards Won

Big DeVine 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
Rating: 88 points – Wine Enthusiast

Big DeVine 2014 Red Blend
Rating: 88 points – Wine Enthusiast

Big DeVine 2014 Chardonnay
Rating: 88 points – Wine Enthusiast

The Grifter 2013 Napa Valley Red Blend
Rating: 90 Points (Gold Medal)  – Beverage Testing Institute 2015

Diversion 2013 Majestic Red
Rating: 92 Points (Gold Medal & Best Buy) – Beverage Testing Institute 2015

Diversion Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold Medal, 90 Points Exceptional rating, World Wine Championships Award 2015

Portlandia Pinot Noir 2013
Rating: 90 points – Beverage Testing Institute

Portlandia Pinot Gris 2013
Rating: 90 points – Wine Enthusiast
Rating: 90 points (Gold Medal) – Beverage Testing Institute
Rating: Double Gold – San Francisco Chronicle 2015 Wine Competition

Diversion Chardonnay
Silver Medal, Sunset International Wine Competition 2013

Diversion Merlot
Silver Medal, Houston International Wine Competition 2013

Silver Medal, San Francisco Wine Chronicle Competition 2013